27 January 2011


Here is the course of my day, from morning to eve. Evidently I sailed from perdition to paradise. It probably shows that I read lots of Tagore, but I adore the universal beauty and rhythm he is. The final long verse was composed as I walked into town around sunset. God bless the iPhone's compositional capabilities. In the city I had gelato and hung out with the friendly fire-twirling people. Okay, I also had a beer when I chanced to meet a work colleague a bit later.

I am tired like old bones in the desert sun.

O heart, when will you burst
The banks of this little river
And sweep me in flood
Towards the sea?

Who knows the hour?

There is no perfect dream that does not flee.

I have riches and treasures for you beyond compare. Your imagination will not suffice and allow me to bind your apprehension. Words fail me. All comparison is false I swear. The very noble art of description has found itself dull and wanting. Enter my kingdom. Come. You are the key to the treasure house I have been seeking all along. All my store is rusting, wanting, waiting for your song!

PS Click here for evidence of my photographic brilliance - lol

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