15 January 2011

Older poems

To be honest, I am not certain when I wrote the following poems. They were in a note book that was to hand the other night when I felt like using a pen to write for a change. Sometime in the last five years most likely. At first, I felt quite disjunct from the experiences they represent, but typing them out gave me a greater appreciation for them. Still, it's a fool's way to explain poetry so I will say no more.


Nothing do I have
Nothing do I know
In the breath of the sky
I am sure to dissolve.


The dark night does
not sway me
The clouds but
cover me
I am moon
to hold
The earth
to right.


I have felt
the breath of the universe
It has passed
And not found
A single one wanting
For that is its way.


If I can not feel You on earth,
then where is heaven?

If I can not see You with eyes,
then where am I?

If I can not know You with mind,
then how am I?

Contradiction you have served me well enough,
Go hence:

With heavenly eyes on earth
I mind You.


Will I ever be
such an immortal poet
as You, My Lord?
When tomes are writ
upon each blade of grass?
Great libraries in the lawn
are trodden daily.
Epic trees wave in the breeze.
Everywhere gods and goddesses are at their tasks.

(No factory ever grew a fruit
But happy I stand easy in my boot.)


There is PLENTY more where there came from and I expect over the coming weeks to be doing lots of typing. Perhaps I can work out how to edit everything into a book. My collection is so scattered that any attempt at chronology would be futile. Perhaps theme will work.

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