17 January 2011

Off with his head!

This poem methinks is probably seven years old. I remember writing it while I was running. At the time, I think I was quite into Vivekananda.

The only battle is within.
If a man comes
...and cuts off my head,
I will pick it up,
Go to God and say:
"Here! Give me another body.
.I have work to do!"

Last night, I discovered the following flower from Hafiz (translation Ladinsky) and there is some congruence concerning decapitation.

That Sounds Wonderful

Good poetry
Makes a beautiful naked woman
Materialize from

Who then says,
With a sword precariously waving
In her hands

"If you look at my loins
I will cut off your head,

And reach down and grab your spirit
By its private parts,

And carry you off to heaven
Squealing in joy."

Hafiz says,
"That sounds wonderful, just

Someone please - start writing
Some great lines."


A good friend of mine told me my poetry was an arrow in my quiver when it came to the art of romance. I had to tell him, "I fear this arrow flies too straight for mortal hearts!" Just what Hafiz speaks of it is hard to say, but that I can not stop smiling none can gainsay. Then, of course, what Hafiz speaks of he has already said.

Well, I must go to work. I took some photos this morning and it turns out that it is not too hard to replicate the trippy light effect I produced last night. Still, the light itself is ever new. I will upload the photos tonight. Lux semper novem. That can be the motto of the Mystical Poetry Society of Canberra which I need to start.

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