08 January 2011


God is my banner

And always will be.


Everything in this world is a gift

And it is full of beauty.


This mortal span is not the end

Our days live on a greater gaze.


My heart aches

Like a boat for the sea.


Love is patient

And all things

To all people.


Love is a slow ripening fruit

And quite rare.


From temple to temple she roams,

I don't know how to tell her,

Here is home.


I sang

On the wings

Of my sorrow

And my pain

Is gain

In heaven's name.


Your body has

One thousand

Road maps

To travel.


The Friend

Only the Friend.

No man,

no woman,

no father,

no mother,

no brother,

no sister,

no lover.

Only the Friend

Will do.


She taught me

How to cry

Beneath her tree

Where I did lie.

One summer long

The memory of

A forgotten song

Stole from silence.

Throw your self

Upon my shore

Kiss me NOW

And never more.

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