29 December 2010


Because I now have free range internet in my house again I will try and post more frequently and/or regularly. Perhaps this will provide a thrill for my dedicated fanbase. Whoever not and whenever if you are. Of course, my quotidian existence is mundanity in extremity, only with clever words.

Today I went running for over an hour and forgive me, it had been five days since my last run. I went to Lake Burley Griffin from home and went from bridge to bridge. Although it was 5 o'clock pm, it wasn't crazy hot, but I skipped lunch, so it was a little tough. There were refreshing sprinklers to run under and this kind of thing really makes one feel alive and ten years old again.

I took my phone because it is an iPod too and I can call emergency services if I start to die, much much more suddenly than expected, that is. Also, I started taking photos on the way back, which keeps it interesting. I listened to most of Beethoven's 6th Symphony and the start of Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto #3. I did listen to rock in between, but it was annoying because the songs are so short and I can't particularly boogie while running.

I intend to run the Canberra Marathon next April, should aim to beat 4'12", which means considered speed work or drills or something, whereas I just love to be out there for ages when I run. In any case, regular running will give me the stamina to finish, which will not be a disgrace.

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