09 December 2010


The other night I saw, well heard I 'spose, some beautiful classical music, including a performance of Frühlingsstimmen which means "Voices of Spring". It was so joyful and full of delight. Bloody marvellous in fact. The singer was accompanied only by piano.

Lately classical music I prefer to listen to, so today I bought some Chopin, Satie and Schubert to help me relax. Alas, poor Schubert, who once wrote:

"'My peace is gone, my heart is sore, I shall find it never and nevermore,' I may well sing every day now, for each night, on retiring to bed, I hope I may not wake again, and each morning but recalls yesterday's grief."

We've all been there, but only one of us composed the Piano Trio #2 in E flat major, Opus 100. The second movement andante con moto is awesome. Here is part of it, adapted for a movie.

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