12 October 2010

Pictures, words

How hip is Hipstamatic? So hip it dates your black and white pictures 30 years ago. I have always loved the tall native grasses, especially when they drink summer's gold. Spring is mining it for us now.

I took my iPhone running tonight. Alack, the gloaming was well advanced by the time I commenced, so there are not many photos to share. Further, I also figured I could play scrabble if desired, but this pursuit was not coterminous with my primary goal of sustained motion. Obviously taking photos resulted in a journey characterised by stops and starts, but thus my life-journey tends to maunder anyway.

Once the earth is denuded of asphalt and the other accretions of modern inconvenience, everything is much simpler, so it is incomparably easier to run on the dirt in my experience.

10 October 2010

Jesus and Buddha

In Canberra, on Archibald St in Lyneham, a new Buddhist temple is being built. It will be huge when it is finished. It is nearly next door to a Christian church, but there is a retirement home in between. The Buddhists have a massive bell, but I refrained from ringing it.

A phone in a camera

I now have an iPhone and I will never be lonely again and my life has new meaning thanks to Apple. Great toy though. I have been taking photos with it. The Hipstamatic app mainly, the borders are really cool. Here are the highlights of my first few days efforts. A few of the images have photoshop filters too. I registered for flickr, but I don't think I will use it until I run out of my storage allocation on blogger. You can click on images to view them larger if you want.

Of course I bought the Shorter Oxford Dictionary app also.