20 July 2010


If you have any interest in dressing well, remembering that this is one of the ways that a gentleman compliments his company on their good taste, then you can do no better for fine shirting than by heading to savilerowco.com. High quality shirts at excellent prices. Just get your measurement right and do a small order before undertaking any more substantial investment if you are in any doubt.

The election campaign is happening in Australia and at this point we are witnessing the death of the Liberal Party and the genesis of the Turnbull Party. Wake me up when its over. (Fingers crossed.) Someone on Twitter directed me to the inimitable Paul Keating commenting with his usual scarifying sagacity on Australian politics. "Pre-Copernican obscurantism." Damn that makes me quiver. I found the Hawke tele-movie frankly execrable by the way.

I read Pompeii by Robert Harris. Doubtless it is a startling work of fictionalised historical vulcanology, but that must be considered quite a discrete genre and I can not see myself dipping into again. (Vulcan - origin of vulcanology). Mayhap the quotidian existence of the Romans is of passing interest and the politics of the epoch is where I discover a frisson - although volcanoes don't erupt everyday of course! Temeraire is definitely a fantasy series worth enjoying. Dragons, dragons everywhere and fantastic cover artwork. I finished the first two books in quick succession. Be excited by the fact that Peter Jackson has the film rights.

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