23 June 2010

This is getting messy

Strange days in Australian politics.

One of my favourite political blog at the moment is Grog's Gamut. I always enjoy Grog's take on Question Time, although I have no idea who he is.

Have just watched Rudd's press conference announcing the leadership ballot on 24 June 2010. Effectively, the media and the Liberal Party have exploited the real lack of Rudd's leadership base within the Labor Party to engender this situation. Of course, any leader neglects the structure of the zenith they stand upon to their detriment. Such is the temptation of imperium. Unfortunately for the Liberal Party, Gillard will dispatch Abbott like a Dalek if she gets the chance.

Check out:

Bernard Keane at The Stump.

Alea iacta est at Larvatus Prodeo.

Speaking of Daleks, time travel must be really confusing if the interpretative dialogues I enjoy with Noivedya after each Doctor Who episode are anything to go by. That said, this was the best season yet of the new Doctor, or should I say the new new new Doctor. Final this weekend.

Lustrum, the second book of Robert Harris' trilogy about the life of Marcus Tullus Cicero was fantastic. I eagerly await the third instalment. Still thrilling to the Ancient Rome thing generally. I am about to embark on a perusal of the classics in the field, namely Asterix.

Presently, I am attempting to declare a moratorium on the purchase of any new books for an unspecified period. You see, lately, whenever I read about something that interests me, I tend to buy a book about it. Given the nature of the internet, there are close to infinite perils attached to this course of action.

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Anonymous said...

I have three words for you ... ACT Library Service! A free, no-clutter way to read all the books your heart desires ;-)