04 October 2009

Le nuove scarpe

It was Keats who wrote, 'A thing of beauty is a joy forever.'

This proves that truth is universal, because Keats never saw my new shoes. They were hand-made for me by the Manuka Cobbler. In accommodating my unusually shaped proximal phalanx, I also find my inner dandy is fully satisfied.

The first shot below was taken at the fitting, so there is no sole. It is an RM Williams leather, from a discontinued colour range. The design is based on a picture I found on the internet somewhere, but they are quite extensively modified and thus unique. I like their old-fashioned quality. They remind me of the shoes that the elves kindly made for the shoemaker when he was going through a rough patch. Good old elves.

1 comment:

Jaitra said...

Good old Alfs, and very nice shoes, Legolas would I am sure be proud to wear a pair!