22 September 2009

Sound and fury

Continuing from my last post, I have renounced all attempts to read books on economics. I can not claim with confidence that there is a surfeit of economists in the world, but it does appear there are sufficient quantities available to espouse their fiduciary postulations unencumbered by my ignorance. And now happy we both are.

I did read a book by P.J. Wodehouse named Thank You, Jeeves. I have always been curious as to what lies between the covers of such anachronia. On the front is praise from Hugh Laurie and on the back praise from Stephen Fry. Such opinion certainly signals an escape from the dudgeon of the mundane. Recommended. Not obviously quaint. Properly English. Unflappable. Good breeding. That sort of thing. What.

There was a fantastic program about Iceland on the ABC, er, its economic crisis to be precise. The best part was the really long shots of the scenery. Amazing landscapes. Serene, sublime, supernal clime. Also, knowing a few Icelanders personalised the experience. Foreign Correspondent has the most creative film work. It transforms the story. Watch it. (Probably only if you live in Australia.) Suffice to say that it is a cautionary tale - what happens when a people turn away from a society firmly founded on fishing and the piano accordion (elements of a predictable solid faith) and turn to banking. Doomed from the start really.

The following video is a joy. I want to visit this shop in Los Angeles. The owner is damn cheerful.


Jaitra said...

Who would have thought, but it's the way of the future — stuff made, or sold, by hand and with love.

Might put a few economists out of business though...

Thanks for the smile!

Jaitra said...

Hey did you notice Bundaberg ginger beer in the background at 12:12? Fair dinkum!