20 May 2009

After Hafiz

On a plane a few weeks ago I was reading The Subject Tonight is Love by Hafiz, as translated by Daniel Ladinsky. Emerson said, "Hafiz is a poet for poets." I was inspired to write a poem and the flight attendant was kind enough to lend me a pen.


The love that gives,
The love that receives,
These are not love.
The love that is,
The love that knows,
The love that goes,
What are these loves?
Who is this love?
Where is this love?
In knowledge not,
But love is knowing
Nothing known.
Why am I telling
What cannot be told?
What better words
Than already writ
In the stars bold?
Go away.
Go pluck them for yourself.
I am tired of words, words, words,
And the stars are waiting.
Now the night is long,
But life is short.
Don’t forget.