11 January 2009


I just arrived home from Kuching in Malaysia. I spent about two weeks there with friends over the New Year period. I had a fantastic time. (It was the first holiday I have been on that involved an extended hotel stay since being a kid; I could get used to the daily cleaning and regular cooked meals!) Our hotel was right on the Sarawak River. One morning a group of us went for a run through the local villages after crossing the nearest bridge which was a few kilometres away, before catching the little boat back over to our hotel. It was at least ten kilometres altogether. As I was taking pictures and getting over a cold, I got seperated from the pack. Here is a selection of my favourite shots.

I took all these photos with a tiny point and shoot Canon. That is why I bought my little camera - to take running. In some ways, it is very liberating to use such a small, light and relatively cheap piece of equipment, when compared to my Canon 20D which I use to shoot races and everything else. I have just ordered some new gear which should be here in a few days: the Canon 40D and a L series 70-200mm F2.8. This probably won't mean much to the non-enthusiast.

Despite the lavish expense, I have personally displayed a remarkable frugality, even parsimony. This is because Canon have just released a 50D and updated their 5D. Normally I am all for bigger and better, but the 50D just adds more pixels without an increase in sensor size. I know the 40D will be a reliable and solid piece of kit. The new 5D costs four times as much as the 40D, so that wasn't too hard to talk myself out of. As for the lense, Canon make an Image Stabilised version which costs $1000 extra. I am not that big a fan of IS and know I can take razor sharp shots with what I am getting.

Further photos from my trip are on the way.

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Utpal Marshall said...

Dear Parsiminous in Kuching..and perhaps all place else

Despite your life of frugality you have still managed to offer up a rich and telling portrait of Borneo. And apparently you have left the place with your head and heart intact.
much thanks