15 December 2008

Winds of change

O for a draught of that cool vintage that never mellows. That's how I feel late upon this cool summer's eve - like I could paraphrase Keats I guess. To bottle a late cool summer's eve would be the trick. I must find the recipe, my Calliope.

It must be at least a month since I blogged. That really is a horrid verb is it not? It sounds like a bodily function best undertaken behind the privacy of a locked door.

Exciting times nonetheless.

Noivedya's book Busted has been released.

The Australian Government just released an emissions trading scheme target of 5 per cent - to predictable admonishment from most quarters. It really is a win-win though. The current repositioning of the global economic climate makes radical market readjustments precipitous and ill-advised. Most importantly, the scheme will develop a workable framework that can deliver on long term goals in this area which are central to the vision that the etc. We have to start somewhere. I really can't see the Government taking a hit in the polls over this. People are pragmatic.

I worry though when I describe something as precipitous and ill-advised. Is that necessary? Am I using redundant words? Can one be pithy and succinct at the same time? Oh, it is hard, so hard.


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