01 November 2008

A collection of knicks and knacks

There is something about this cartoon that really speaks to me:

I found a band I will have to hear more of when their debut album debuts in December. The Welcome Wagon. Great cover. Kookarama. Listen to their version of The Smith's Half A Person.

November 4

The adjective histrionic, meaning over-theatrical or dramatically exaggerated derives from the Latin for actor histrio (ish).Below is a transcription of a speech I made to my housemates the other night. (With thanks to my amanuensis.)

This humble square of material
Coloured bold, crimson as the heart
Of the ripest Roma tomato,
Called by the Americans a washcloth,
But most properly known
To its English progenitors as a flannel,
Is for the sole exclusive use of my own -
It is not the remedy of any stain, nor the ready fix
Of abasement of tile, bench or drain.

A man has to set limits, especially in the bathroom.

Anon, I must fugitate.

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