08 November 2008

Barack Obama

"Yes, we can."

I had never witnessed the oratorical brilliance of Barack Obama until his victory speech on November 4 - Wednesday afternoon in Australia. At that moment, there were tears all over the world for America the Dream.

Read the story of Eugene Allen. I do hope he receives an invitation to the innaugaration.

America the People have a long road ahead of them now. To continue striving to reveal the lofty ideals of Thomas Jefferson et al can be the nation's only success. That is the gift of life - the audacity of hope if you will. Failure is not to try. There is no other crime.

That is the simple message universal we can take from this occasion.


President Kennedy's loftiest
America-illumining utterance:
"Ask not what your country
Can do for you;
Ask what you can do for your country."
The Supreme's loftiest
World-illumining utterance:
"Ask not what spirituality and I
Can give to you;
Ask what you can give
To spirituality and to Me."

Sri Chinmoy

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Anonymous said...

Hallo Alf,

absolute truth this great vote bring a worldwide hope of change in this time of finical problems and conflicts.

Richard / Germany