08 November 2008

A horse! A horse!

Some weeks ago I went to see a play: Anatomy Titus, an adaptation of Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus. Check out the review. It is not the most appealing of Shakespeare's plays, considering all the mutilation, rape, beheading, evisceration and cannibalism that it contains; but the all-male cast did a bloody good job of it. I previously prepared for my outing by watc
hing the film Titus, but I only got half way through it. I do not recommend this play or film as an introduction to Shakespeare's work.

It led me to ask of man:

What brutal nest of vipers rest
Betwixt thy breast

Well, we just watched Richard III, starring Sir Ian McKellen.
Richard's craze for power knows no rest or limits in this story. It is a sublime pleasure to watch this great actor relishing the title role. I can not think of a more pleasing villain; what a wickedly enchanting performance.

At 100 minutes, the film is a greatly abridged version of the play and the language is easy to follow. Unfortunately, Robert Downey Jr does not last long, but most of the cast suffer his fate! Do not miss this brilliant adaptation.

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Barack Obama

"Yes, we can."

I had never witnessed the oratorical brilliance of Barack Obama until his victory speech on November 4 - Wednesday afternoon in Australia. At that moment, there were tears all over the world for America the Dream.

Read the story of Eugene Allen. I do hope he receives an invitation to the innaugaration.

America the People have a long road ahead of them now. To continue striving to reveal the lofty ideals of Thomas Jefferson et al can be the nation's only success. That is the gift of life - the audacity of hope if you will. Failure is not to try. There is no other crime.

That is the simple message universal we can take from this occasion.


President Kennedy's loftiest
America-illumining utterance:
"Ask not what your country
Can do for you;
Ask what you can do for your country."
The Supreme's loftiest
World-illumining utterance:
"Ask not what spirituality and I
Can give to you;
Ask what you can give
To spirituality and to Me."

Sri Chinmoy

01 November 2008

A collection of knicks and knacks

There is something about this cartoon that really speaks to me:

I found a band I will have to hear more of when their debut album debuts in December. The Welcome Wagon. Great cover. Kookarama. Listen to their version of The Smith's Half A Person.

November 4

The adjective histrionic, meaning over-theatrical or dramatically exaggerated derives from the Latin for actor histrio (ish).Below is a transcription of a speech I made to my housemates the other night. (With thanks to my amanuensis.)

This humble square of material
Coloured bold, crimson as the heart
Of the ripest Roma tomato,
Called by the Americans a washcloth,
But most properly known
To its English progenitors as a flannel,
Is for the sole exclusive use of my own -
It is not the remedy of any stain, nor the ready fix
Of abasement of tile, bench or drain.

A man has to set limits, especially in the bathroom.

Anon, I must fugitate.