29 October 2008

Beauty's Gold

The world's first statue of Sri Chinmoy, unveiled at the Eternal Peace Flame, Akerbrygge, Oslo, Norway on 27 October, 2008.

I did behold a
....mortal frame
....enfold Infinity.

An Indian bold
....full of
....Beauty's Gold.

I am 34 years old today

14 October 2008

Questions and Answer

That strength I crave,
Whence do you come?
Where do you go?
What ground do you rest upon
That standing you so often fall?

O will drest in the falsehoods
....of mind;
Truth wears the raiment
....of a beggar.

That evening after meditation, I found the following poem to satisfy me. (I have no direct link to it, as it is not found in the Sri Chinmoy Library.)


Lo, how to conquer evil thoughts?
....Easy! One thing just try -
Imagine you are the ocean vast,
....You are the boundless sky.

Your evil thoughts are fish and birds
....Their lords are ocean and sky.
Fear not! The slaves are only slaves;
....Their revolt a fruitless cry.

by Sri Chinmoy

God's Autobiography

There is only one sentence
In God's entire Autobiography:
"The galaxy of stars
And the darkest night
Are inseparably one."

By Sri Chinmoy

I am full enamoured of this perfect lyric vision. I decree it shall serve as the preface to my collected poems.

I'll bravely venture then:

God's Dictionary
Does not house dichotomy!


The moon was kind to me this evening and gave me a verse after I left work.

O orb of wonder,
New appearing daily,
Reaching to heaven,
Calling forth night.
Is it you that
gives the glow of love
to mine eyes?
Answer supernal jewel!
I shall have reckoning
Ere the sun banishes you
once more.