20 September 2008

Financial Meltdown

When I remember, there is a blog I check called A Suitable Wardrobe. The posts are short and frequent. The author could be described as a flâneur. Forgive the accusation, but he doesn't seem to do anything except spend inordinate sums of money on clothes. It is possiblee Prince Charles spends more on clothes. I don't know.

I try to think of myself as a semi-reformed dandy at the least. Anyway, there was a recent post on Silk Scarves which included the picture below:

Allow me to record a conversation from the comments section of this post:


"Great post, Will. And the graphic is timely too. I am assuming the figure on the right represents Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, who is instructing the local grave digger where to bury the body of the US taxpayer, recently deceased."

Owner of the blog:

"The scarf-wearing man pays no attention to the vicissitudes of markets until he has to sell the gardens to a developer in order to pay his tailor."



Noivedya said...

I personally think it's a shame that silk scarves are no longer a popular male fashion accessory. So much more practical than ties...

Alf said...
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Alf said...

I would fain possess one and wrap the giddy chamber of my elocution in such if they were more common to purchase.