14 June 2008

I've Got The Power

I found the video below on Crikey. I have to say that Gore Vidal totally cracks me up. He is so righteous and sharp. Years ago, I tried to read his autobiography Palimpsest, but it was torture and I gave it up half way.

This week I discovered The Thick of It. I have always been a huge fan of Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister. The Thick of It brings the leitmotif of these shows into a new century: the relationship between government, the public service and the people. The grand illusion of power. The Thick of It is brutal and brutally funny. Be warned that it is full of language that would make Gordon Ramsey blush.


John said...

You have so got to read this just published interview with Gore Vidal in the NYT.

One classic line of many:

Interviewer: Well, it was a great pleasure talking to you.

Gore Vidal: I doubt that.

Alf said...

There is a very apt word: curmudgeon.