14 June 2008

Good Day Sunshine

I had a dream. Last night to be precise. It was long and complicated, but all that remains is the quantum of desire.

A box of promise, empty of fulfilment.

Come inside, I have exactly what you want.

Hang on, it’s empty.

Too late, it’s shut.

I know that is a little bit vague, hence the quantum.

Today was one of those days: when meditating is as natural as breathing, as natural as being, as natural as nature even. Entering into the heart of love I become the life of creation.

The first and the last
Message of life:
And you will never get.
-Sri Chinmoy

This sums up much of my experience. What a breath of release; it is a lesson that bears endless repeating. Gone the bitter draft of being, welcome the laughter-life of seeing.


John said...

Hello Sunshine indeed!

Hey ThousandEye has had a make-over! Woo-hoo!

Well done Alf, happy writing.

Alf said...

Yeah, still deciding if I like the makeover...