28 June 2008

A Dictionary Too Far Away

I am in Adelaide with good company. One of the chief pleasures of the time I spend with my friends is words. It is not merely conversation, but lexical speculation which verges on bombastic. What does inchoate mean? Over dinner, we had a dad-off, with my father’s SMS reply beating a direct call to another. It is fair to say that the city of Canberra has an inchoate vibration, but is the character of Adelaide really chthonic? I think that is why I like living in Canberra now so much. Walking the streets of Adelaide, I can’t see myself living here again. Its inhabitants lack the pervasive aroma of bureaucracy that I have grown to love for one.

Cows are bovine, pigs are porcine, sheep are... ovine. As in, ‘Her actions portrayed an ovine acquiescence.’ Indeed. It is not every day that one gets to use the word panegyric either. (On reflection, speaking of myself in the third person is a foul habit I should not cultivate.) Luckily, my propensity to mispronounce obscure words provides seemingly endless amusement. The remedy advised was to always take my first instinct and then do the complete opposite.

My family is well. I bought a charming travel fragrance for mum, early birthday presents for my sister and a spectacularly sized chocolate fish for my brother. My father as always requires only kindness and respect.

Kung Fu Panda
is the best movie I have seen for years. Don't miss it!

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift. That is why it is called the present." Master Shifu

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