09 March 2008

Womadelaide 2008

I flew over to Adelaide to catch up with Tejaswi. Also, Aaron from New Zealand is running a t-shirt stall at Womadelaide which meant free tickets.

First things first, I had to help Tejaswi choose a shirt and tie to go with the new suit he bought for his sister's wedding. It was hard work. Nice suit though. You can't go wrong with a quality brand. Giorgio Giorgini I think it is.

Here is Aaron at Womad conducting his business.

Saturday was obscenely hot. 40 degrees Celsius which is 104 Fahrenheit.

There is a great atmosphere at Womad. I played hacky sack a few times with the youngsters. It's a great game. A lot of people just set up a blanket and chill in the shade all day. I was surprised by how few dreadlocks I spied this year, but the scent of Patchouli was very evident. Here is the chief and someone making smoothies with pedal power. As befits such an occasion.

I enjoyed Beirut, they played the beguiling Postcards from Italy twice. The John Butler Trio (below) have great live energy. They were a big crowd pleaser.

This is Lopsang. There is nothing like a good monk to practice your smile on. Those guys know what simplicity really is. Adelaide has a link with the Tibetan Buddhists. We have kind of sanctuary for them, as they are endangered in their home land. They are making a sand mandala all weekend and they tuck it in each night.

Finally, the early morning flight from Canberra, the heat and the massive amount of grass dust in the air drove me home a little early. As I wandered through the university grounds, I couldn't help but wander what large amounts of families were doing hanging out in there so late at night. When I turned around I saw the laser light show they were all watching.

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John said...

I have a family occasion to go to myself next weekend, and could do with some advice from your tome “Dressing the Man.”

Adelaide looked hot, pedal-powered smoothies cool.