20 March 2008

Uncle Bob and The Rock

It is no simple task to describe Uluru. It is truly unique.

It may have an unfathomable countenance in the predominately flat landscape, but like creation itself, its sheer existence is undeniable.

What sweet mystery you have given me...

I spent an action packed day at The Rock with the World Harmony Run team on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 18-19.

We were there as guests of Bob Randall, a traditional owner of Uluru and a highly respected local elder. He is a man with a big heart and he took us straight into his community.

Listen to his story in song, My Brown Skin Baby They Take Him Away. This is one of two songs he performed for the team. I challenge you not to cry.

In 2008, starting in April, the World Harmony Run will circumnavigate Australia. Our early visit to Uluru placed at us at the geographic centre of the continent where we also found the ancient spiritual heart of Australia. Over breakfast, Bob told his dreaming of the dawn of creation, when there was just a simple vibration that recognised it was alone, and sweetly called everything to it like a magnet.

He also performed Daddy, Where Did I Come From? in a voice so sweet.

That such sorrow and joy can co-exist in a person is the life of harmony.

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Thanks Bob!

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Animesh Harrington said...

Great work Alf!

Bob Randall is a real inspiration to humanity.

He is the voice of conscience and compassion – a truly great Australian.

Animesh Harrington