04 February 2008

Wide Open Doors

Last week, I saw I'm Not There. It's a film best described as esoteric. It is really rich in symbolism and highly stylised cinematography. As a result, you feel a little self-conscious, which makes it a pretty challenging viewing experience. Imagine Tim Burton on acid. That's probably a redundant concept, but the film is reminiscent of Big Fish.

I felt like it was time I listened to some more Bob Dylan. I went for "Love and Theft" (2001) and Modern Times (2006.) The critics adored both of these albums. They work so well, it was oddly underwhelming to begin with. Some of the lyrics actually make sense and that famous voice has mellowed with age. With repeated listening, I started to appreciate how smoothly he brings it all back home. There it is, a degustation of a century of popular music without flaw. It will really grow on you.

On January 30th, Bob Dylan recited a poem by Sri Chinmoy on his radio show.

Listen to Bob Dylan reciting poetry.


Doubt is the lock,
Faith is the key.

Hate is the lock,
Love is the key.

Body is the lock,
Soul is the key.

Ignorance is the lock,
Light is the key.

God's Heart has no lock,
Man's mind has no key.

Sri Chinmoy

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John said...

I'm still here Alf, and, judging from the trailer, I am Bob Dylan as well.