23 February 2008

A lake, a lake, my kingdom for a lake

Last weekend was the Sri Chinmoy Lake Swims in Lake Burley Griffin. The first link will take you to the entire gallery I published, but here are my favourite shots. I stood out in the water for the starts, which I have never done before, and it gave me a different take on the action. If you click on the photos they get bigger. Yes people, the "...files are in the computer."

The history of the man-made Lake Burley Griffin is a very interesting one.

In 1961, a visiting monarch at an official state function expressed the strong desire to skim a few pebbles across some water. An awkward silence ensued; for although its dimensions were grand by the standards of the time, the bathtub at The Lodge offered limited entertainment possibilities in this regard. Unfortunately too, Canberra itself was at least 2 hours drive from the beach. Incidentally, it still is, for the disputed impact of global warming has done little to remedy this situation. Thus, to avoid a faux pas over the canapes, Lake Burley Griffin was constructed at the request of the then Prime Minister Menzies.

It took a day and a half to make.


John said...

Your story is even cooler than the photos Alf, and your photos are very cool.

What’s with the little girl in the bottom photo (middle in yellow swimsuit) shoving the boy out of the way as she starts the race? Hope he got her back.

Alf said...

They are brother and sister in fact.