16 February 2008

Forte Piano

Prachar is a man who demands that to be considered classical music, the composer of the music must be dead. (In fact, it was Arthur Honegger who first said, "The public doesn't want new music: the main thing it demands of a composer is that he be dead." Bad reviews will do that to you I guess. Seriously, I have no idea what Honegger's music is like, but it sounds like he was under-appreciated. No pun intended.)

So, here is a song by Sufjan, that is, to quote Prachar in a "modern classical style."

It is a favourite of mine, particularly the ending. I don't mind the maudlin flavour. According to Sufjan's bio, he composed 90 minute concept albums for The Nine Planets, The 12 Apostles, and The Four Humours. The bio is an amusing read if you have the time. If you liked the song above then check out the medley below. Sleeping Bear (the second half) has always been a highlight of Michigan for me.

Well, if you are in the mood for more music in the modern classical style, then check out Prachar's album The Road of Ecstasy: Sri Chinmoy Vision Muse in Action. Here is a direct link to Chalo, Chalo my favourite track. Prachar is the master of the black and whites. A reviewer of this album once said, "I only listen to it on Sundays." True story.

Unfortunately, somebody had forgotten to invent the pianoforte when Shakespeare was alive so no title from The Bard today.

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John said...

“Prachar is a master of the black and whites.” An instant classic whether one knows the white socks and sandals subject or not.

How about a little Sufjan then in an ultra modern style then?

And care to play Keyword Haiku?