08 January 2008


Check out the 3100 Mile trailer. This movie looks like it will be very cool. I read about it at Sri Chinmoy Inspiration.

Also, view an educational short film about the dangers of coffee consumption. It is fittingly titled: The Woman Who Drank Coffee and Turned into a Water Buffalo. Haunting, poignant, terrifying - there is something there for us all really.

I just read all of the His Dark Materials trilogy. I would recommend it if you like Fantasy fiction, although the third novel was a little weak. They just made a movie of Book 1, Northern Lights. It is called The Golden Compass. I don't know if the movie is good, but you can see a bit of the story from the trailer. Apparently, there is some sort of theological controversy - there usually is.

This Saturday, I see Sufjan Stevens live at The Sydney Festival. I'll tell you about it afterwards. When I found out last year, I was so excited that I bought tickets for his Sunday night concert too. Now I can't go on Sunday because I start a new job on Monday and Sydney is three hours away.

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