16 December 2007

Tour de Mountain

Rathin and I ran the Tour de Mountain this Sunday morning.

It was hilly.

We were both pretty happy to finish.

It was just the start and finish which were on the road, mostly it was Canberra Nature Park.

I took lots of photos on last weekend's training run to Mt Stromlo, but I had a busy week so I am just publishing them now.

I took my little camera and took lots of shots to begin with. I dropped my camera in the mud which was lucky, because mud is soft. Once it got really hot, I had to keep moving or the flies would swarm. The mist only lasted until the sun came up and it was really humid.

I ran with a Camelbak for the first time. It was good and handy but it needed a fair bit of adjusting to make it comfortable.

In approximate chronological order. It's a bit of a jungle out there.

I am thinking of making a t-shirt out of the below.

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Anonymous said...

that's not a real elephant. u cant fool me.