08 October 2007

What's cooking?

We don't really make chapati on our kitchen floor; but if you spill oil, the easiest way to clean it up is to throw flour all over it, because then it sweeps right up. Rathin actually makes brilliant curry. If you are asleep and wake up to the smell of his pot's simmering, you will think you are in heaven.

Amalendu, bless him, made a pasta sauce a few weeks ago which far surpassed even his unusual standard. It contained a can of Bi-Lo Sliced Mushrooms in Butter Sauce, Peanut Butter, Tomato Paste, and Sweet and Sour Sauce. Few possess the genius to attempt such a combination of condiments. Fewer still would burn it so gently.

Here is me being humble. The last time I cooked I simply placed 30 potatoes straight in the oven and turned it on. When they are ready, you can put sour cream, butter, cheese, salt, pepper and your favourite sauce right on top. It is a lo-fi production with a hi-fi taste.

Tonight, after work, I went running in the bush for an hour. It was dark, but it was fun. I saw some kangaroos, but they were scared of me. It was tricky on trails that were new, but familiar trails were fine. In fact, running up hill was easier mentally, because I wasn't looking at how steep it was. You only have to think of taking the next step and in fact the next step is actually smaller because the ground has taken half the step for you already. Crazy talk I know, but that was tonight's experience. Sometimes, going up hill, I feel like I am experiencing the very inertia of earth as it reaches for heaven. When I got home, I found some cold potatoes in the oven that we forgot about. They tasted great.

To finish the day, I published a gallery of photographs taken at this year's Sri Chinmoy Googong Challenge. This is one of the adventure races that the Sri Chinmoy Mararthon Team puts on in Canberra. Adventure racing is a growing sport in Australia. The event at Googong Dam involves running, kayaking and mountain biking. It was perfect weather for it yesterday. Jack, who is six, took a photo of me at the start of the race.

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