06 October 2007

A trip to Adelaide

Recently, I was in Adelaide, taking photos of the Sri Chinmoy 24hr Running Festival.

I also took the chance to visit with my family and meet my brother's daughter and see his new house. It was fun helping my brother shift a tonne of wood. Good healthy work. I thought of Robert Frost and remembered Two Tramps in Mud Time. I have to thank my high school English teacher for that memory.

While in Adelaide, I bought a fair supply of Haigh's, ate a copious quantity of marinated chevre and obtained another suit - the bold blue banker's stripe I have always wanted.

Best of all, I had an awesome run over hill and dale. It was my favourite run of the year. I read in a running magazine that having a perfect run is no accident - it is the result of all the tough runs.

What makes a perfect run for me? It like a lot of nature in the form of abundant hills to run up and down. I am never far from the bush in Canberra; but the thing I noticed about Adelaide is how verdant it is in comparison. Being the start of Spring, every piece of spare ground near Black Hill and the Linear Park was covered in green grass. My run was through those parts. The fact that I was out there for a while and going at a fair speed also helped. I'll have more to say on running in the future.

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Sumangali Morhall said...

Nice one, Alf. Cool pics. Nice to think it's spring somewhere in the world. We don't have Haigh's in the UK, but looking at the site that might be a good thing for me ;-)