28 October 2007

Sunny Days

I just have time for a brief post as I have hundreds of photos to edit and publish from the Sri Chinmoy Triathlon Festival. This year marked the 25th running of this event. Prachar read us a stirring story about this a few nights ago. I expect it will appear on the Sri Chinmoy Inspiration group soon. And remember:

Beauty and majesty
Are not mere words,
But signposts
On the road to Infinity,
Which is iteslf Eternity.

Sufjan Stevens has written an orchestral suite about - of all things...wait for it - the Brooklyn Queens Expressway. By a quirk of fate or destiny, I travelled this stretch of road with friends just weeks ago. I kind of get it, because this piece of asphalt provides such a majestic view of Manhattan. (PS That's Sufjan on the piano.)

If you like, you can also listen to Sufjan's cover of Bob Dylan's Ring Them Bells. It is from the new Dylan biopic I'm Not There.

Hi ho, it's off to Photoshop I go...

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