17 September 2007

Mr Natural

Last Friday, out the window at work, I saw a rainbow that was so perfect and solid - not in the least wispy at all - I promise you that I stepped right underneath it there and then.

On Saturday, I hiked to the peak of Mt Gingera with Amalendu: 1857m/6092 ft. The preceding link has extensive information about the area and good pictures too. The route it discusses is easier than the one we took. We started at about 500m/1700 ft and took two hours to get to Pryor's Hut, rather than driving most of the way. It was a beautiful sunny day but closer to the peak there was still a fair bit of snow lying around in the shadows. At one point I stepped in a patch and sank past my knee. This provided ample opportunity to throw snowballs at Amalendu. Unfortunately, this time he had gloves too, so the action was a little less one sided than our last hike.

I had fun with my new digital compact. Seeing as it fits in the palm of my hand, I can't complain. I really like the macro feature.

It was a satisfyingly exhausting experience, and there is nothing like the view from the top.

Tonight I saw a sleeping giant lying inside the row of hills near where I live. It was easy to see a very big man there, having a long rest. Maybe one day he will stand up and have a big stretch.


Sharani said...

Do you have a photo of the rainbow you can add to your post? I would love to see a photo of it.

Alf said...

Hi Sharani,

Unfortunately I did not have a camera with me at the time, so you will just have to imagine it.