28 August 2007

In the world of tears

In the world of tears
Your smile is hiding,
Why do you always play this game?

15 August 2007

My heart is calling

My heart is calling for a new melody,
A song unknown
That will awaken truth,
Today I am sailing for a faraway land.

09 August 2007

If I could speak

If I could speak the language of a flower,
Would I have need of words now?

08 August 2007

Square Eyes

I have developed a fondness for Doctor Who lately. I live with a hard-core fan of the series, but I think the fact that the Doctor dresses as a proper Englishman now is what has really converted me. It's all good fun, often in a three piece suit. There are a couple of episodes from Season 3 that I highly recommend: Human Nature, The Family of Blood, and Blink.

What else have I watched lately? The Godfather. This fine motion picture has aged very well, but it's hard not to laugh at Brando's Don Corleone these days - so studied and parodied is the character. Pacino's Michael Corleone has lost none of his aura though. This recent viewing counts as research as I was preparing for a job interview. It went well. Needless to say, I made them an offer they couldn't refuse.

I have also just got into A Bit of Fry and Laurie. This is a really funny show. Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie are such brilliant actors. Hugh Laurie is good value in Blackadder and Stephen Fry is delicious in Absolute Power.

My job has been keeping me really busy. In fact, I just flew in from the coast. My arms are so tired!

Last weekend I bought a Harris Tweed jacket. I found it at a flea market for $25. It must be at least 50 years old but it looks brand new. I took it to my tailor* to have the sleeves lengthened and he couldn't believe it. Hassan said to me, "Where did you get this? You can't buy this anymore. My dad is not going to believe it when he sees this. The closest thing would cost at least $1000." This is a good sign. The material is so intense that it will be adjusted on a sewing machine used for leather jackets. The modern version is extremely light, like a normal sports jacket, but this is old school. More Tom Baker than David Tennant, you could say.

So all is well, and I do hope to write lots more and make photos when I take some holidays next week.

*This was the first time I met Hassan, but I am inordinately fond of the phrase, "my tailor."