24 July 2007

Life Before The Internet

Once upon a time ago, there was no Internet. For entertainment, people dressed in sacks and ate coal. This was one of the most significant boons of the Industrial Revolution: both sacks and coal were plentiful. People too were becoming more abundant as the invention of Morse code led to better health care and free lentils for everyone.

"Ah," the good old days I hear you sigh. Back then another common form of entertainment was exercise. Folk would cut firewood, carry water, plough fields, harvest produce, ride horses, work metal, milk cows and churn butter. If you asked them why, they would answer, “Coal tastes better with carrots.”

For this reason, nearly everyone was fit and healthy - with the exception of submarine commanders, tuba players and chartered accountants. There were doctors too of course, and there was practically no condition that a bow saw and a leech could not get rid of permanently. Yes, the 1980’s were an unparalleled era of wholesome happiness and robust contentment in world history.

16 July 2007

Where eyes once were

Where eyes once were
Have been found moons
And skies to climb
Sweetest dreams, all mine.

I had heard the call and uncorked a bottle of midnight's love nectar at the behest of my beloved. There I sat at table, having sent all my peasant thoughts away for the day. These blind servants no longer bothered me.

Pain is the shadow that life casts from joy. It is the toll claimed by existence; but how can such a thing be considered expensive? When you pay it, you don't have it anymore - but you have become richer. This is the music that laughter makes.

In the eye of destruction breathes the heart of peace.

Just keep breathing.

09 July 2007

All the news

It has been a while since my last post. It is for lack of poetry that I have had no reason to publish anything. Work has been quite busy too. My running schedule is going well. Living in a cold place means that first thing is best and I feel much warmer all day.

I tried baking Lemon Delicious last week, but my version of this self-saucing pudding lacked sauce. I definitely need an electric mixer. Not just for mixing cakes like this, but for whipping cream. Hercules need undertake no fabulous labours to prove his strength, if he can whip 5 litres of cream by hand. After whipping half a litre, I was covered in cream and nearly bereft of a shoulder.

I ponder the art of cooking in unfamiliar territory as this and realise that an education in such an art provides an understanding of the properties of ingredients. This allows improvisation. Otherwise, I will need a solid base of experience with baking before I can eye off the measures so wantonly.

I have recently been blamed for “fattening up” the house. A charge I vigorously deny. Although it’s true that my signature dish contains at least 2 large tubs of cream and half a kilo of cheese, I rarely make it. Gruyere doesn’t grow on trees. The rind is washed daily with salt for months before it is ready, so it is expensive. Apparently it is the secret of superb French Onion soup. I love onions so I will try that before the summer days arrive again.

When the skies open, the rain seeks out the lowest place of earth. So too the eye of heaven encompasses all. It’s kind of a poem, even though it sounds like the I Ching.

Keep meditating.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend.


Flower power

Aryavan of Sydney


More flora

Amalendu and Prachar the Mongolian


I guess you had to be there.