05 June 2007


It is now winter in Australia as June has begun. I have only lived in Canberra for 9 months or so and I can confirm that it is

That is my car window this morning.


I wrote a review of The Winter of Our Discontent by John Steinbeck.

You can read it at Inspiration Letters.

So why are you still here?


John said...

If it’s any comfort—probably only cold—Canberra looks much colder than Auckland at the moment.

Nice book review at Inspiration-Letters by the way—glad to finally see your piece in print.

I'd better sign off now before I say anything, seeing as I clearly not in possession of all of my faculties at the moment

Sumangali Morhall said...

Welcome to Inspiration Letters, Alf. Hope to see your writing there in future editions. Excellent review.