30 June 2007


This eve it is plenilune. It is a surprise - for it seems that just days ago it hung half ripe in the evening sky – but there it is: that precious jewel that sweetly tempts the waters forever and more.

Today I ran the Googong Half Marathon put on by The ACT Cross Country Club. (The Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team also has a race in Googong, I took the photos there last year.) I certainly didn't carry a camera today, nor even pay much attention to the lush surrounds. I remember thinking that it's great how the earth is God's raiment and not a stone is out of place. Also, jelly beans rock.

I finished in 2 hrs 25 minutes. When I consider my near total lack of training and the cross country nature of the event, I am pleased with my time. Noivedya finished in 1 hr 59 minutes. It was a good start to my preparation for the Self-Transcendence Marathon I am running in August.

Next weekend, we are putting on an Off-Road Duathlon on Black Mountain, which is just around the corner.

Some year soon I want to give The Brindabella Classic a go. It looks pretty awesome:

Maybe I will be ready this year.


John said...

I don't think I will ever forget cycling over Mt Stromlo, in your very backyard, several years ago. Actually pushing my bike would be a more accurate description—more years and pounds have accrued than I care to admit since my mountain biking for fun, rather than torture days, but little diminished is the afterglow of satisfaction in the achieving—no matter how slowly.

Alf said...

Sadly, that area was denuded in some serious bushfire action a few years ago. Otherwise, Canberra is renowned for its mountain biking terrain. I don't have a bike and haven't really checked it out yet. There are many in the garage, mostly they are covered in white paint from course marking duties. When I had to mark a course last year I chose to run it without a bike - knowing I would have to carry the bike half the way, as well as 5 litres of paint. Great fun in the Aussie sun.