24 June 2007

Let It Snow

Mt Corey in Brindabella National Park is less than 30 minutes drive from where I live. This is the view from the bottom. It's the big one in back. It was a pretty frosty morning.

We spent over 5 hours walking. At least half of that was straight up to the top. It was nearly all thick regrowth, rocky, frosty, snowy, slippery. We didn't walk on any tracks until we were totally exhausted in the last half hour. I was fascinated by the frost. With a tripod and a macro lens, it would make some better photos; but I wasn't carrying any of those things.

Finally, we hit the snow line. This is the first time I remember seeing snow in Australia!

I like the snow. It feels so innocent, being pure and white.

I built the world's puniest snowman.

This is the view from the peak, into NSW.

The day certainly put a bit of life back into my legs. I wish that it snowed where I live; instead, it is just bitterly cold, which is a bit cruel. I am hoping climate change sees my suburb experiencing blizzards in the short term, or else some major tectonic plate activity sends us up a few thousand feet.

If you live somewhere that it really snows, please don't laugh at me...


John said...

I won't laugh at your snow—despite living in a country where it does snow, I have only actually been in snow once; it snowed in Wellington, my “home” city—not where I live now or was born, but home still in my heart—the first time in my living memory, just after Sri Chinmoy first visited. Which may or not be significant to others—it is of course to me.

It does snow in Canada—alot—my second home, where I teased the locals on the very flat Atlantic coast at their strange habit of calling hills like your Mt Corey mountains—in Wellington, and all of New Zealand in fact, they are hills. They, of course, thought me strange for thinking they were strange, and I soon learned to be more sensitive to others perceptions...

Nice story Alf—innocent, pure and white.

Alf said...

Hi John,

There was supposed to be a photo in here of Clark Griswold dancing in the hills a la European Vacation too, but Google let me down...

I am hanging for your next post.