29 May 2007

Spirituality is the garden of youth, it does not matter what age you are when you discover it, there you will find you are like a child, learning to unfold the dreams of infinity in your being.

This is the joy of the new I promise you.

How my Lord, when you are satisfied with the love of a fool like me, is it that no other love but thine satisfies me? I can ask the wind, but the wind doesn’t know. I can ask the stars, but they hide in the night. I can ask the water, but it only wants to go.

So I will follow you.

I came starving from the empty feast, dressed in rags, and you opened your door straight to me, there was no asking or knocking. You gave me a home and now I will call it my own, I do not care if it is a palace or a lonely beggar’s cave, for you are there.

Now I only want to sing these words and it is so late at night!

In the morning, I know you will wait for me to sing before declaring you are awake, like a happy tree offers a branch to a bird. Perhaps I will nibble some fruit and then strangers will see my messy beak and wonder what I have eaten. I will only smile and fly away, knowing you are waiting to greet me again.

No one will be able to catch me.

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