17 May 2007

The Sound of Music

O Eternal Child,
Babe that shines through man,
Do illumine me!

Delicious contradictions I savour for breakfast,
Sublime realisations I encounter for lunch,
Surprising gratitude I favour for dinner.

Upon poetry, the lyrics below begin the Sufjan Stevens song Sister, one of my favourites:

What the water wants is hurricanes,
and sailboats to ride on its back.
What the water wants is sun kiss,
and land to run into and back.

Dance Hall Hips has posted a whole Sufjan concert for us: Live at The Crystal Ballroom. You can hear the orchestra having a lot of fun, it's an awesome concert, well worth checking out.

After meditating, I like to sing songs by Sri Chinmoy. My favourite songs are about beauty and suffering, there is the contradiction I am thinking of. After an hour of singing the other morning, I discovered:

No song sad does not sound sweet
To Your Listening,
A clam sea of peace abides
In Your Eyes that mirror the chaos of
My destruction world.

Sri Chinmoy has given an explanation about his songs that reference darkness. He even discusses this in relation to my favourite song: Sundara Hate: "Inside the pain I feel so much sweetness, and that sweetness helps me."

1 comment:

John said...

Poetry is fine, but I'm going to have to draw the line at The Sound of Music—the movie that is.

I also am reminded by your post of a saying of Sri Chinmoy’s, that suffering is the price of an earthly incarnation. It is of course easy to forget about the reward...