02 May 2007

Song of The Internet

I started this poem after meditation this morning, but didn’t quite finish before heading off to work. It’s a Whitmanesque tribute to my recent visitors. Google provides me with a map showing where my hits come from and it provided a little assistance with the writing too. If I missed anyone who has dropped by recently, then rest assured: it ain’t no crime to find no rhyme.

I hope you like it.

Adelaide, city of my birth, Welcome,
A is for Alpha, You came first;
I probably know you by name.
Epping, who are you?
Do you meditate too?
New Zealanders of
Takanini and Havelock,
Some commentary generous, Hello.
Say what in
How’s tricks in
Istanbul, (not Constantinople),
Your coffee is full of grounds.
Benevento, good wind, perchance
We share the blood of my ancestors;
Some Roman spearmen of long ago.
Do violins play in
Vienna? How is
It being in
Berlin? Can I catch a tram to
Karlsruhe? Whereabouts is Wesseling?
Can you smell the Cologne there?
Vanves et Marolles,
Parle vous Francais? Oui,
Et I am found in
Oslo too.
Sao Paolo, do the eyes of Jesus,
So tall upon Corcovado gaze upon you too?
28 de Septiembre, you are mystery to me,
How do you feel every other day of the year?
Philadelphia, the bell of freedom sounds;
I saw Orlando and Kirsten in
What’s up with
Is it so spiky in
Jonesboro, who was Jones to have a borough?
Who is that in
Olin, Jones County, Iowa: pop 716?
In bits and bytes I am fast approaching
Cedar Rapids.
Orchard, what grows upon your trees?
Meadow, how feels the pleasant breeze?
Wichita, who can still speak you?
Who scanned my
lines in Meridian?
Do you still see angels in
Los Angeles?

Hark, World Wide Web, I am not done with you yet!
Saskatonians of Saskatchewan I’m calling you now.

Copyright Alf Zollo 2007

1 comment:

John said...

Nice idea for a post Alf. I did something similar a little while back, Follow the rainbow, about the phrases people were using in Google to find my site.

I've never personally been to Saskatchewan, but I have lived in Canada, and even from there it seemed like a mysterious place to visit.