07 May 2007


I spent some of the journey reading Savitri on the weekend. Not the book itself, but an inspired selection of qoutes by M.P. Pandit. (My copy of the work is a thousand miles away, so thousandeye must collect it later.) As I fell under its spell, I felt happiest communicating in archaic prosody.

What can be said of Savitri then? It is a breath of Vast to which our spirit harks...

Here is a photo of Sri Aurobindo near the conclusion of his sojourn. A friend once told me, "Isn't it funny how when you are a kid, you imagined God as an old man, with a big white beard and long white hair?" Certainly, the All Beyond in those eyes shine.

Sri Chinmoy has written a poem in honour of Sri Aurobindo and the translation of my favourite verses runs:

In fire and water,
In dust and atoms,
Seeing You, Your Meditation-Trance,Many poets have depicted
Your immortal Beauty.

They are our pioneers.
We are walking along the same road
To reach Your hallowed Feet.

from August 15 1945 by Sri Chinmoy

Here then are a few of my own words of late:

God appears as our need,
The slave of dust we trust,
The King of Truth we feed.

As the child clings to its mother,
Hold fast to Him.

Who has a word to say against you?
Only God:


John said...

This commenter left commentless (for a change). Very nice post Alf.

Alf said...

Merci Frere Jacques.

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