28 May 2007

There is no concept, no fathom to span
The age that I have kept you apart from me,
What chasm vast of dark I may cross upon
A single glance from you if I would
Leave aside my foolish thoughts.

O Lord, do forgive me, take all that I have
As your own, it pains me to know that
I have been away so long and still
You are waiting with your patience
While I squander your compassion daily.

The banquet of the senses calls me
From now to nowhere, and again
The cup of suffering fills my heart
With tears of forgetting for home,
O soul, do not delay your journey.

Make not a fool of me though
I play your eternal clown, It is
Not enough to simply break this frown,
Do grant me a shadowless smile,
Nothing save your concern feeds me.


John said...

I do very much admire the writing of poetry Alf.

Alf said...