12 May 2007

The Mirror

Music: Rathin
Singing/lyrics: Alf
Images: Rathin/Alf
Montage: Rathin

Apparently, we are called Cosmic Wanderer, we might need a band meeting about that. We don't have a myspace page yet so any offers of recording contracts or requests to produce and direct variety shows will be received in the comments section. Val Doonican is very keen to collaborate with us currently and we have a tour of Minsk planned for the Northern summer. After that we may cut some new tracks.


Anonymous said...

woah thats awesome but the picture of the shadow of a guys head on the ground that keeps coming up is kinda freaking me out though the flowers are soothing

Alf said...

Beware the shadow!

John said...

Great stuff Alf. But keep writing poetry, just in case the tour of Minsk doesn't work out :-)