19 May 2007


People like to argue, and there's no shortage of arguments to be had in general. We sometimes argue about whether Mac's or PC's are better. The thing is, Mac's are really cool and so is everyone who uses them. What's there to argue about? It's not rocket science - is it?

One of the favourite features of my Mac is the Photo Booth. It's a built in camera that takes photographs and is good for video chats too. I have had my laptop less than 6 months and I have taken about 500 shots so far. This makes about one thousand eyes, which means nothing in particular.

Why so many pictures of mostly me? Am I that obsessed with photography? Am I that bored? Am I such a narcissist? Am I just really easily amused? All of the above?

Noivedya didn't believe there was a camera built into the computer. When I told him I was going to do a post dedicated to stupid pictures of me, he said, "I'll skip that one. I don't have to go far..."

That's Amalendu.

This is Rathin. He plays guitar.

A side of my versatility.

Take me to your leader.

Here's John and I in New York.

My little sister complained that she is not on my blog.

People say I look like Sylar. I don't believe them. Luckily, the actor played a goody on 24, and I looked like him too. Apparently.

The future looks bright.


John said...

Great stuff Alfredo—I would have made an even sillier face if I had known it was going to be published. Like perhaps this one.

Come to think of it, you do look a bit like Adam Kaufman—although with less crazy eyes.

richard said...

Alf, nice to meet the family.

- also enjoying a mac