02 May 2007

endless rain inside a paper cup

Lately, I can barely begin to meditate before I am composing poetry, so here is some fruit for your banjo.

In The Time of The Full Moon

The perfect round announces
Fullness of enterprise, A circle complete,
But gravity is weak. Nothing holds me;
The mighty wave of sorrow
Swelling on the sea
Breaks before the shore;
The jaw is broken,
Its pinch weak,

At The Shrine of Morning

O not so fatal was the night,
Seed of hope, borne of love,
Opening the door of light.


The luscious union of pink and blue
That hugs the evening sky
Holds peace.


The mind-life is
A gigantic headache.

The heart-life has
A sweet blossom.


Here is a link to some free meditative music. I've been keeping it going in another tab a lot lately. The same site has the ABCs of meditation if you want to read more about the source of my inspiration.

Copyright Alf Zollo 2007

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