03 April 2007

Van Dyke Parks

I have been listening to Van Dyke Parks. I have been curious about this artist for a long time after reading about him in a review over a year ago. As well as hooking up with Brian Wilson, of Beach Boys fame, Van Dyke Parks produces a lot of music too, like Joanna Newsom's latest album: Ys, which suffered from critical acclaim in 2006. It is not really weird music, she just happens to be a virtuoso harpist who sings a bit like Bjork. That might be a superficial comparison but not unreasonable. Oddly, Van Dyke Parks is also responsible for the orchestration on the Silverchair track I posted the other day. I am still recommending that to you.

Because my Ipod broke, and it would have cost nearly as much to try and fix it, I upgraded to a newer version. This one displays the album artwork so I have been hunting lots of album covers via google initially and then decided to use whatever looked good. That is how I found the drawing up top. You can see more drawings by David Scrima.

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