18 April 2007


Today I went to Quintessence, a raw, vegan, organic restaurant in Manhattan for lunch. Noivedya hopes to write a story on this place in the future. I recommended that it start with, "Forget birkenstocks and dreadlocks. Wake up and don't smell the patchouli." If this advice is to be accepted or not, the fullness of time will tell. The food was passing good, which is to say excellent. Who knew that a dehydrated base of sprouted kamut, sun-dried tomato and quinoa existed and qualified to be called pizza? Put your hand down. No, really it was seriously yummy.

Still, by the time the dessert platter was finished I felt overwhelmed by a homogenity of nuts in general. Bloody healthy. Here's a shot of the Fofu Fusion. I could get used to being a restaurant reviewer as it is so easy to say now, "The soy sauce was a superflous flourish which slightly overwhelmed the more subtle flavours present in this otherwise exemplary dish." Maybe that's just me...

Took a couple of shots in the city too. Here is one way to advertise your band.

And this seemed original for a garage wall.

This is Tejaswi, shot unawares in the living room. Ha ha.