30 April 2007

To blog or not to blog

Whether it is more noble to polish brass,
Or shine silver letters that will gleam
In the firmament of the sky of eye
To hold sway over mind, An airy nothing
That will grip the blind night, A large
Breath that will hold a universe
Without friction, Such art requires no diction.
I shiver, I shake, A momentary conniption;
Everything will be alright. The heart knows.

Forgiveness is a tale of love, Convinced of love,
And knowing self or other same, Forgiveness is a
Tale of love, Writ upon the wing of love, Reaching
The breath of truth, I have not traveled far, Going out
Of home to find the door I am, Entry or exit same, The
Place with no face, Space, space, space calls me,
It doesn't know where it is; But I belong, I do not know
The song, Or the words, But I am melody for long,
Long, long have I sought, That which is self taught.

I ring, ring, ring like the moon in the clouds.

Copyright Alf Zollo 2007


Alicia said...

Very nice.

Alf said...

Thanks for reading in Idaho, say hi to the potatoes.

johnji said...

An emerging talent :)

It seems I have some unfinished business with poetry as well...

Alf said...

Ah, JG, perhaps you liked the tintinnabulation?