28 April 2007


I have never really been a fan of MySpace and this post from I Am Fuel, You Are Friends totally sums it up. Actually, MySpace is a really good way to check out musical artists.

Have I converted you to Sufjan Stevens yet? If so, there is a great track available for download from another blog I frequent. It is called Opie's Funeral Song. This blog has consistently posted good music and discussion. It has a slightly risque name, so in the interest of public safety, I haven't said it here. Oddly, the picture in the masthead is from Singin' in The Rain. I will watch this film soon. Apparently, it rocks. The special edition DVD is in the living room already, waiting for me.

I don't remember how I found all these blogs in the first place, probably hunting for songs at Elbows.

Have a nice weekend.

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